The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab

Wow! I simply loved this book! It was one that I had been putting off reading for some time. I’m not sure why. The premise just didn’t grab me, I guess. But it was considered one of the best books of the year when it came out (2020). The story revolves around the title character who ends up living forever but no one remembers her. As soon as she is out of their site, they forget they ever met her. Pretty straightforward fantasy stuff, but what the author does with it is nothing short of amazing.

This is a novel about emotions and relationships. How does it feel to be alone in the world? What if your worst enemy was the only one who remembered you and said your name? What kind of relationship would that be? How do satisfy your need for human connection when no one will remember you when they wake up next to you in the morning? What if your parents suddenly didn’t know who you were? Or your best friend? You follow Addie as she moves through the world finding answers to these questions.

The prose is immersive and evocative. I had such a feeling for the characters and what was happening to them. Some books when I read them I deeply admire the writing and how turns of phrase are used to paint mental pictures. This book went beyond that. I simply forgot about the words and watched the movie as it played in my mind. And those invisible words connected with the emotional experiences of my life in a way that, as I said before, I could just feel. Not everyone will fall in love with this book, but I sure did.

My rating: 5/5

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