A Librarian’s Life

I found my latest read via Book Bub. It is a service you can sign up for that will send you weekly emails for ebook deals under three dollars in whatever categories you choose. It is here that I found Librarian Tales by William Ottens.

As a boy, I loved the librarians in my elementary school. They helped stoke my early love for reading. At the time, I wanted to become a librarian when I grew up. By the time I remembered that dream in adulthood, I was deep in another career and didn’t feel the timing or money was right to switch. But this book about the experiences of the author as a librarian relit that fire, so I bought and read the book.

It starts by briefly telling the author’s story of his getting his degree in library science and the library jobs he had. Then follows his particular experience in the different roles he held in those libraries. Throughout the book, he shares the experiences of other librarians who follow his blog and social media accounts.

The book is a quick read. I read it in a single day. I have to admit that I expected more out of the book than I got from it. However, I did enjoy the book. I couldn’t put it down. I just wanted to keep reading. But I suspect unless you are a book nerd like me, you might not enjoy it as much.

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